A Complete Guide To Usage Of Fillers In The Paint Industry

Posted by Admin on May, 19, 2022

The coating is primarily a blend of resin, colours and fillers, additives, and solvents from any Soda Feldspar Powder Manufacturer. The most basic role of pigments and fillers is to provide a certain colour, concealing power, chemical inertness, and mechanical qualities to the coating.

Fillers are solid particles that are used in paint and coating systems to:

Enhance the properties

Cost savings

As a result, there are a number of factors to consider while choosing fillers for coatings. Because the properties of the solid particles used in the system determine important system properties. These characteristics are as follows:

Production easiness

The application's behaviour

The properties of the generated film, as well as

Stability in storage

Now, let's go over a few key system features and how they are influenced by the fillers that are used. There are three major types of paints and coatings mechanisms:

Paints are a liquid system.

Coatings are systems that produce a film on substrates.

Primers are the layers that are put directly into the substrate.

Topcoats are in intimate contact with the environment.

Selecting Fillers for Paints:

The following are the primary factors that are influenced by filler:

pH of the Paint -

The pH of water-based paints is significant, for example, for colloidal stability. Some fillers have a strong pH influence, whereas others have a slight pH effect. The impact of the particles on pH is governed by the surface structure as well as the chemical stability of the filler particles.

Influence of Speed -

The following factors influence the rate of sedimentation in paints:



Dimensions of the solid particles

Large particles with a high density sink faster than small particles with a low density.

When assessing the size of filler primary particles, the median particle diameter of distinct primary particles, known as d-50, is frequently stated. The particle size can be specified in micrometres (mm) or nanometers (nm).

Stability of Paints:

Several forms of solid particle stability in liquid systems are essential:



Chemical endurance

The spontaneous glueing together of dispersed solid particles in liquid environments is known as flocculation. This undesirable process can occur during manufacturing, storage, applications, and film formation. Flocculation can be avoided by arranging repulsive interactions between particles by adsorbing particular chemicals known as dispersants onto the surface of solid particles.

Most fillers are hydrophilic, which means they have polar groups on their surfaces. Talc, a filler with a somewhat hydrophobic surface, is an exception. Because dispersant molecules may adsorb firmly onto the polar groups on the surface of hydrophilic particles, they are easily stabilised.

Dissolution and potential chemical reactions of filler occur primarily during storage and are dependent on the chemical makeup of the filler. It is critical to choose fillers that are chemically resistant to the liquid medium: fillers must be sufficiently quick.

Influence of Wear of Equipment -

Both during manufacture and during the application of paint, equipment may be damaged. Fillers with both high hardness and sharp edges (shape) can induce wear on equipment.

A filler's hardness reflects how easy or difficult it is to mechanically harm the solid. The Moh hardness scale is used to assess hardness in pigments and fillers.

Fillers with a high oil absorption rating and a high specific coverage area will effectively reduce a coating's shine. Platelet-shaped filler particles can increase the tensile strength of a topcoat because platelets enhance film coherence.

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